Crystalview® HD 8300 Video Conferencing System

  • PTZ Camera 10 times zoom
  • TickNuke codec
  • TickSupports single screen
  • Tick90GB recording
  • TickOnly supports Clite
  • TickFor boss room
  • TickUp to 8 user license


Crystalview HD8300 delivers top-quality HD video, crystal clear audio which is user-friendly and easy to manage. It is equipped with an HD pan-tilt-zoom camera and advanced echo cancellation. Crystalview HD8300 is suitable for medium conference rooms; video communication and document collaboration on full HD TV or projector in real-time.

Crystalview HD8300 also supports the Document Conferencing feature and can be used with any other device such as laptop, desktop, and mobile. Crystalview HD8300 is the best value for Boardroom solution at a very affordable price.

Product Highlight
  • HD Video conference codec
  • High Fidelity Tabletop Microphone
  • HD PTZ camera (10x zoom)
  • Wireless HID Speaker
  • Integrated CLite Web Client Module
  • Document Conference Module
  • Operates on Single Screen Mode