CliteHD Cloudlet

  • Full HD capabilities
  • Optimized for Chrome browser and mobile platform
  • No installation required
  • Optimized for low bandwidth environment
  • Single click conference
  • Connects up to 12 sides with good quality of video and audio
  • Multipoint instant messaging feature
  • High quality multipoint screen sharing
  • Secure i.e. (Secure conference room lock with password)
  • Secured and encrypted call set up
  • Private server hosting capability


Video conferencing never seems to work the way it should. People are often challenged by time-consuming and complex steps to host or join a conference. The rise of mobile and remote workforce in today’s globalized business environment requires constant communication to build strong relationships with both internal and external stakeholders, which will be the key to success for any organization!

CLiteHD is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) that provides browser and mobile applications with real-time multimedia communication and data collaboration capabilities. CLiteHD has been optimized to work best on Google Chrome browser. Unlike conventional video conferencing and messenger software, CLiteHD does not require additional installations. The browser-based behavior enables CLiteHD to be launched or accessed via most operating system platforms, with high definition video conferencing & crystal clear audio sessions, to be done anytime, anywhere!

Product Highlight
  • Single click conference
  • Connects up to 12 attendees with HD quality of video and audio
  • The multipoint instant messaging feature
  • Secure (i.e. conference room lock with password)
  • Secured and encrypted conference setup
  • Award-Winning NAT and Firewall Travesal
  • IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack interoperability
  • Full HD recorder and HD video playback
  • A real-time inline bandwidth monitoring system
  • Secured and encrypted communication channel
A user-friendly Web-based conferencing Solution
  • All you need is a PC, a laptop or any Mobile Phone
  • East to use
  • Allow easy sharing of documents and Applications
  • The conference is secured
  • Multipoint with crystal clear audio and video
Enterprise Dedicated Server
  • Full features, unlimited participants with HD quality video and audio
  • Real-time free automatic updates
  • Customized user interface for the organization as well as domain name e.g. clitehd.{you-company}.com
  • Easy to use web-based administrative management system i.e.: Users management – add/edit/remove users, and Group management