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Education Pathways & Students Recruitment

Fine Great Associates Sdn Bhd (1100690-P), or FGA is a national human resource and education expert consultancy, specialized in study and career advancement, counselling, academic coaching/training, course placement as well as international student recruitment services. We are passionate in aspiring students across the world to have equal rights and opportunity in pursuing their education (primary, secondary and higher education) from the local and international schools/universities in Malaysia.

Malaysia being a unique ASEAN country, with multi-cultural experiences, both Western and Asian education are available here with affordable prices. We in FGA, are established with a mission to expand such golden opportunity to every student across the globe, to promote top, world-class education from USA, UK, Australia, Europe, and even our own Malaysia education syllabus. We aim to offer global vision with a personal touch in the education, bridging the gap between the East and West.

At FGA, we provide a wholesome education and training services to every student including the following:

Academic AdmissionAcademic ConsultationStudents Welfare
  • Counselling in choosing the best suited schools for admission
  • Assistance in document processing
  • Admission processions in applying to institutions
  • Following-up for admission
  • Visa applications
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Academic coaching/tuitions
  • On-the-job training and employment services
  • One-to-one coaching and mentorship with education advisors/counsellors
  • Assignment assistance
  • Skill-based training
  • Employment services
  • Students fellowship
  • Field-trips and retreats
  • Industrial sharing
  • Student-parent engagement

FGA is established with a mission to bring the best world-class education available in Malaysia at the most affordable price to students across the globe. FGA holds the statement believing that "Education is for everyone, and everyone deserves great education".

  • To bring eligible students to Malaysia-based Western international schools and universities.
  • Personally organizing seminars and workshops
  • Ensure smooth admissions
  • Acts as a link between institutions, students and their families
  • Appoint qualified counsellors in guiding and assisting students in all aspects: academic assistance, assignment help, emotional and welfare management, skills training enhancement, etc.
  • Provide warm, comfortable and affordable accommodation for students
    Organize educational and social fellowship events with cultural activities, knowledge sharing sessions, team-building retreats during school/semester breaks.
  • Provide on-the-job training and personalized coaching for every students throughout and upon graduation.
  • Arrange employment placement/internship for graduating students.

As passionate and diligent in our services as education consultancy, we as a team at FGA presents a roadmap of our wholesome education consultation and training services:

  • Step 1

    Course/Institution Recommendation

    We provide counseling to parents and students in choosing the right course, school/university for their choice and preference of the education system and learning system.

  • Step 2

    Admission Document Preparation

    We assist students and parents in preparing all required documentation from the school/university to ensure a smooth application process.

  • Step 3

    Admission Application and Follow-up

    We constantly follow-up with schools upon student's admission application and regularly update each at every application status to students via emails and social media communications.

  • Step 4

    VISA Application and Accommodation

    We handle all visa applications for students before admitting into the school/university ensuring no complication while arriving and being around Malaysia throughout their studies. We arrange proper accommodation as well upon arrival.

  • Step 5

    Regular Coaching & Mentorship/Workshops

    We monitor our student's academic progress on a regular basis, as well as providing personal one-to-one mentorship on a particular subject/course to help students excel in their studies and area of interest. A variety of classes, tuitions, and workshops available for students to enhance their language, management and communication skills.

  • Step 6

    On-the-job Training/Employment Placement

    We help to graduate students in sharpening their work-ready skills by providing them on-the-job training as well as internship programs through employment placement with corporate organizations. We have students fellowship groups for knowledge exchange and peer encouragements in strengthening the relationship.

For parents coming to accompany their children throughout the education journey, we provide additional service in helping to apply the Malaysia as Second Home Scheme (MM2H) and visa application.

The Team

Peggy Liew

Ms Peggy Liew
Well experienced in corporate managements and social worker, has actively involved in education consultations and recruitment. FGA has expanded into student recruitment by introducing Malaysia-based Western education institutions to various countries in Asia, Middle-East, and Africa region.

As a certified human resource corporate consultant of Malaysia, Ms Peggy Liew has helped several youths in expanding their knowledge of their interest through engaging them to the right course and education institution, at the same time providing on-the-job knowledge sharing and training in event managements, company operation management, organizational leadership, team-leadership for excellence in work performance, and also practising act of love through giving back to the society in charity works.

She has a good rapport with organizations, colleges and universities, as well as having good and strong connections with various reputable corporate entities and employment agencies in South East Asia.

Elynna Lee

Ms Elynna Lee
An experienced education consultant and counsellor for more than 5 years. She has been actively involved in education consultations and international recruitment especially in the Asia region. Being excellent in language proficiency (English, Malay, Chinese), Ms Elynna is actively and constantly involved in written academic translations as well as research conferences interpretations.

On a side note, she is passionate in coaching students in choosing the right course and institutions suited for themselves, at the same time, giving personal mentorship for students’ personal learning and career advancement. Shas gained good rapport among the Chinese community in Malaysia, as well as China due to her good Chinese speaking and writing skills.

Her good reputation and professionalism as an education consultant has gained trust from the Chinese education agencies for partnership in student's recruitment and academic assistance services. She has several working experiences in partnership with a few of the China's education agencies as well specifically in assisting the Chinese students who are studying in Malaysia by providing personal academic coaching/training, as well as intensive workshops for skills enhancements.

Conference and Events

Be it Conference Meetings, Corporate Events, Annual/ Gala Dinner, Awards Night, Products Launching and so on, our Event Management Team motto We are ordinary people doing extraordinarily services for your events. We provide one stop solutions from Design, Conceptualise, Management, Production, Crew, setting up and dismantling. Contact us for more.